January, 2016

On dating…

So, I’ve been saying that 2016 is the Return of the Mack. I haven’t seriously dated anyone since Kennedy was in office so I’m nervous as fuck about this, to be honest. But I’m also tired of not [redacted], so I’m facing my fears head on. I’m not super social, so I have no idea where […]

On grieving and guilt…

The day I plan to publish this will be 3 years since my family had to make the heart wrenching decision to pull the plug on my youngest maternal aunt. Days earlier I’d been in Maryland, preparing to go to the 2nd inauguration of President Barack Obama. The trip was initially planned to visit a […]

On…a new start

So the other day my girl texted me while she was reading Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes and asked if I ever tried writing nonfiction. She said she could see me writing things in a similar vein to Shonda’s book of essays chronicling the year she decided to let go of fears holding her back […]

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