major key.

Last night a friend of mine was feeling down and I had a few words for her this morning to lift her spirits. Shoutout to Khaled. Reposting here to preserve and remind myself from time to time.

Hello friend.

How are you? Good. Glad to hear it. Ok let’s get down to brass tax.

So you wanna be happy? I know the key. MAJOR KEY to success and happiness. You ready for it? No? Ok lemme getcha ready. Make sure you’re sitting down, reclining maybe. Close your eyes. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Say aloud “mama say, mama sah, mama coo sah…”



How do you feel? Relaxed now? I hope so.

So. MAJOR KEY to happiness.

Don’t just merely exist, but be fully present in every moment life brings you. Take time out for adventures—big and small. Embrace the uncertain and uncomfortable. Stop stressing over things you cannot control. Leave work AT work. Talk less, smile more. Be selfish. Practice self-care. Take an accounting of your life—discern which things bring you joy and which bring you pain. Work to eliminate the latter. Be grateful for health, minimal wealth, and people in your life that enrich it (*ahem*).



It’s become customary for me to write one of these posts yearly where I recount all of the various things I did, saw, experienced, loved, loathed, etc. This year, however, I did not keep an accurate accounting of all the dope and/or wack shit, so this won’t be that. Instead, I’d like to talk about the upcoming year. Yesterday at work, I made a list of five goals that I’d like to accomplish by this time next year. Usually, I try to make SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, & time bound), but this year I’m throwing the T out the window. Mainly because one of the five goals isn’t wholly dependent on me with regard to time. That’s also the one goal, I *won’t* be sharing here. Gotta keep that one close to the chest.

My purpose in sharing these is two-fold. The first is obviously for accountability’s sake. If ever you see me lamenting about anything related to any of these goals, I’ma need you to yank my collar. The second is so in December 2016 I can look at this post, see that I’ve crossed them all off and be proud of myself. Because there’s nothing a Leo loves more than being self-congratulatory. *snerk* Anyway…here are the 2016 Goals…in no particular order:

– Finish my degree: This will require me basically eating, sleeping and breathing higher ed administration. I’m starting the year with just one course, but am hoping to go up to two at a time by next session. If I can do this and maintain my GPA, I should be able to actually finish up all requirements for this degree by December 2016. I wouldn’t be walking a stage ’til 2017 though because I actually want to participate in the pomp and circumstance of graduation.

– Finish writing/publish one of my half-baked novellas: My daddy was just giving me shit on Christmas for not writing consistently. “What are you doing, then?” were his exact words. I tried to pooh pooh him off with excuses, but he saw through them and pushed back. I think I know which I want to put my effort into finishing, so I’m going to lean on the everlasting arms of the Lord and the everlasting patience of my author friends as I push full steam ahead on this goal. Ideally, I’d like to have it written, edited, and published before my birthday in August. It’s a feasible goal, I think, but I’m not holding myself to it tightly. So long as it’s out in the world before December 31, 2016.

– Lose 50 (actually more, but that’s a start) pounds: I’ve become complacent in my fatness and the shit has got to end. So I’m taking a more serious stab at eating better, cooking more, drinking less, and incorporating more exercise into my daily routine. Y’all pray for The Kid.

– Removal from the lives of those that I do not enrich: This will be the hardest one for me to accept, honestly. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I have this one “friend”, right? That’s in quotes because that’s how I feel our friendship is…And it’s difficult because I known this person since FOREVER, but we’re just in different phases of our lives & honestly, it’s like we’re perfect strangers. I’ve grown increasingly disillusioned and it seems like she has too. I don’t feel like our friendship adds anything of substance to either of our lives and it’s sad. I don’t wanna just be sitting around taking up space when someone who could actually enrich that person’s life could bd there. So I”m asking for a lil celestial interference to move me and some others around a bit.

That’s it. That’s all. There is no more.*

I think that they’re all feasible and hope to have made significant progress on them by December 2016. I’ve already put some things into play to help move myself along smoothly in the upcoming year, so *hopefully* things go according to my loosely constructed plans.


*Technically there is, but worry bout yo’sef.