April, 2013


Did I ever tell you guys about the time I got Catfished? Picture it, 2001: young JNic is fresh off a high school breakup and first semester of college homesickness breakdown. I wish I could lie and say I worked my way through it healthily, but that is far from the truth. 2001 was a […]


I let April 3rd pass quietly because I didn’t want to bask in my mediocrity to wallow in self-pity to reflect on the fact that I have been unemployed for exactly six months on that day. Many things in my life are SO different and so much has happened in those six months that some […]


i like to be aware of my shortcomings and work to correct (or in some cases perfect) them. one of my greatest struggles though, is my patience. to say that i have a lack is being generous. i have the worst time waiting for things to happen naturally or as they should. it’s like that […]

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