i applied for a job yesterday. it’s funny, really. i made a decision not to do so until i’d known whether or not one of these grad schools i’ve applied to has taken pity on and accepted me, but i could not NOT apply for this job. it’s kind of perfect really. i’d be going back into the arena from which i was expelled, marketing/social media, but for a brick and mortar business instead of a virtual one. from the description, it sounds like an amazing experience and i hope i at least get to interview, but…

i don’t know. i’m in such a weird space right now. i haven’t done anything worthwhile (besides apply to school and that job) since october 3rd. i’ve sat around alternately wallowing and reveling in having a blank slate. i’m mostly over the wallowing, but it creeps back in every once in a while.

so i took a trip to nyc that i’d been planning as a respite when i was working. it was initially to be a sooper sekrit getaway to de-stress. but then i got laid off and my stress decreased somewhat. honestly, this trip was one of the best things to happen to me in a long time. my friend with whom i stayed tried convince me to make the move for good and to be quite honest for the first time i wasn’t quick to say no. the energy of new york city is unlike the energy anywhere else. it’s invigorating, infectious. the hospitality of my friend (and her family who had just lost nearly all of their belongings in sandy) made my heart swell.

i am truly surrounded by people who want nothing but the best for me and every time i think about it, i well up. from people who i’ve known for years to those who i literally just met, i’m just floored.i think i’ve talked about this before so i won’t even go into detail again, but seriously i am overwhelmed by the kindnesses i’ve been shown.