October, 2012

Pinterest is my patronus? Uhhhh…

So apparently unemployment brings out my crafty side. One of my good friends, a sister to me, is finally turning thirty next week. The celebrations are this weekend so she called me earlier talmbout she wants a birthday cake. After discussing what kind of cake for several minutes, she decided that she wanted one that […]

Sundays are the worst days.

I used to hate Sundays. Every Sunday was a day closer to the work week. Filled with lamentations of how I don’t want to go to work. How I’m so tired of having nothing to do. How I can’t stand my job. How I want something better. Yet I never made the effort to have […]

The truth is…

I’m not the first person to ever get laid off this I know. It happened almost a week ago but it really hadn’t sunk in until today. I woke up with a start, at my normal time, on auto pilot beginning my morning toilette when I remembered. I sat down, heaving on the verge of […]

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