August, 2012

how do you define a relationship?

“and if you want to consistently go out with and have sex with the same person, that’s a relationship” My homie and I were on the phone while she was IMing with another friend. She was telling me about their convo and read the above aloud. Forgetting I’m at work, I say (a bit loudly) […]

JCorp ™

I was talking to a friend the other day & we got on the subject of the different levels of friendship. I like to think of my friendships like a business (JCorp) with me as Owner, President, CEO, CFO, C3PO, whatever other acronym you wanna throw in there that means I’m in charge of everything, […]

I’ve never dated, but I’m ready to start.

Some people might be tryna call shenanigans on that title, but it’s all truth. I’ve never really dated anyone in the traditional sense. I’ve been in relationships. I’ve not been in relationships (read between the lines). But I cannot honestly recall just dating around. They say that’s what your 20s are for, but clearly I […]


Initially when I sat down to write today, I had another, completely different yet oddly related idea in mind for what I wanted to sit here and type about. Then I logged onto tha twittas and saw something that took me down a different thought path, so here I am. This is a personal blog. […]

a delicate line…

I’m on Twitter a lot. Anyone who knows me and/or follows me can attest to this. While on Twitter, I’ve come across a phenomenon that, while I have seen it in real life, seems to be more acute there. As it is a platform for one to throwing their thoughts, feelings, opinions, nonsense into blank […]

The Evolution of Emotion

Alternately titled Motherfuck My Birthday. When it comes to my emotions, I go from zero to sixty in less than three seconds. It doesn’t matter if it’s happniess, sadness, anxiety, whatever–there is no slow buildup of emotion. One minute I’m chillin’, then next I’m on level red of the Emo Alert System. The intensity and […]

ULAM: “Not only am I the president, I’m also a member…”

$5 & the shot of your choice to whomever gets the titular reference. So yesterday this happened: ¬†And with that I knew I had something to talk about today. So can we talk about how using words like always and never usually lead me to believe a statement is untrue? Can we also talk about […]

Naming names…

I’ve been feeling real sentimental lately. In lieu of paragraphs about some random topic, I just wanna thank some people. Some I know personally, some I don’t. Some are still with me, some have left or been pushed out. What they have in common is the effect they all had on me in some way. […]

Ready for love

No my title isn’t referencing that insipid India.Arie song. I’m normally here for I-Dot, but there is something about that song that chafes my hide. Anyway…so this weekend was spent amongst my single girlfriends and inevitable the talk turned to the idea of marriage & kids during various points of the weekend. Then nearly everywhere […]


Woke up this morning & one of the first songs I heard was Jill Scott’s “Blessed”. That shoulda told me I was in store for a great day. I knew my friends had a surprise in store for me, but I had no idea as to what it would be. We arrived at my friends’ […]

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