May, 2012

Workplace Ettiquette

I was sitting on Twitter, watching the tide go by and a few people started tweeting about the impact one’s personality has on performance reviews, despite the quality of one’s work. I then fired off a series of tweets about my issues with this exact thing in my current place of employment. See below: I […]

Random Thoughts…

– I’ve decided to stop making decisions based on how comfortable i think they’ll make someone else feel. That feels like an incredibly selfish and/or self-centered thing to say, but I really don’t even care. So here’s the deal right? People keep asking me to do things and then guilt tripping me when I am […]

heart strings & shattered illusions…

Here I go/made a fool of again/thinking that/he was gonna be different… This morning at work,  this song  popped on. Immediately, I fell into a trance as I thought about he who shall not be named aka the only boy who has ever broken my heart.  This song is like a narrative of our situation. […]

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