“NoChip”vember: a 30 x 30 update

So I’ve decided to start making headway on #7 on my list:

7.    Go an entire month without potato chips

Can we talk for a minute? Like…no holds barred, legit talk? I LOVE potato chips. I was eating easily about 10 bags of the .99 sized bags weekly. After work, I’d go to the gas station, pick up some chips, go home and watch tv. This is why I am obese. Recognizing this is only half the battle, so I put this on my list specifically to make me be held accountable for actually following through. It’s been one day and I’m like a fiend looking for a fix. I was momentarily distracted last night because I went to an event, so my normal routine was disturbed a bit. Today, however? I woke up craving chips and salsa from Taco Fresco. I hope Jesus walks with me.


In an effort to get the ball rolling on #2:

2.    Lose 40 lbs.

I mentioned in an earlier update that a coworker is graciously letting me share her gym membership. In addition to that, I am in a weight loss competition with some friends of mine. We each chipped in a dub and have signed up for a website in which we can track our weight loss. In addition, we all also have to set a weight loss percentage goal that we hope to reach by the end of the competition. Starting today and going until 23-MAY-12, I’ve pledged to lose 20% of my total body weight. That works out to me losing 40 lbs by that date. Christ on a cracker! I dunno if I will be able to complete my goal, but I’ll be damned if I don’t work hard trying.

The reason I am sharing this is completely selfish. I know a grand total of like 4 people read this space, but I am hoping that I can count on some of you to hold me accountable when it seems as if I’m flaking. If you see me tweeting about cupcake consumption or any other ridiculousness, I want you to yell-tweet me talmbout “HEFFA DO YOU WANNA LOOK LIKE YOU LIKE FOOD?!” That’s the name of my workout effort, btw. Operation Do I Look Like I Like Food or (ODILLILF) for short. It used to be Get It Right, Get It Tight (GIRGIT), but I needed a more urgent name to express my need to lose these extra lbs.