August, 2011

30 x 30

I’m constantly inspired by my friends. They always come up with interesting ideas & I stay biting them. This one was originally my friend Jenny Rae’s idea. She has this list of thirty things she wants to do before she turns thirty & I thought it was brill! So I’m biting the idea, but unlike […]


No, this post is not about the joys of the Public Broadcast System. Though, I will say that I stayed watching those telethons when they tried to raise money & cried many a time when my mother would not make a measly donation so that I could get some sweet, exclusive Sesame Street gear or […]


So today I get a text from a coworker of my friend’s asking me about someone I don’t like. I answered the question posed with a simple no. OP’s response: “[Friend] wanted me to ask you. I thought you would have something more dramatic to say.” My response “I’m trying this new thing where I […]

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