June, 2010

Silencing my biological clock…

The title of this is a misnomer, honestly. I had a different path in mind when I began this entry, but my mind decided to go somewhere else with it. Too lazy to change the title, I stuck with the original one…sue me, heh. I recently had dinner with two of my oldest friends, Veepy […]

The Epitome of Ho Shit Vol. 2

Hey y’all! I feel like this should be a regular feature as I keep coming across songs that make me say “Well if that ain’t #hoshit, I dunno what is…” This is my 6th favorite Amy Winehouse song ever recorded*. This song…y’all, if there was a “Ho Shit in Lyrics” Hall of Fame, it would […]

Negative Neds & Nellies…

There’s this girl I know, right? I wouldn’t necessarily call her a friend, but she’s someone with whom I have infrequent interaction for a very good reason. Nearly every conversation with her takes on the same slant. She complains about every minute detail of her life & I’m supposed to…well actually I have no idea […]

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