February, 2010

"Tat tat tatted up…"

Saturday I went to a tattoo party. At my aunt’s house… o_O What? *sigh* Yeah, I know… Let’s move past that first sentence, shall we? Last weekend while everyone was getting inked, the old craving for more body art resurfaced. I currently have three tattoos and want more. I feel like my body is unbalanced […]

My funny valentine

His birthday was yesterday… V-Day 2009, we were still in contact and I wished him a happy day. He’d been through a rough patch the previous year with the death of his mother, so I was hoping he’d find peace, joy, love, & light on his born day. He thanked me for my sentiments, but […]

Even numbers…(survey)

In procrastinating from updating my book blog (I know! :(), I’m doing this survey I swiped from someone else.======================================================================= When I’m SAD I…have a routine of sorts. I sit around all sad sacky and pity myself for about 17 minutes. Then I find some ridiculously stupid thing to laugh about (usually an inside joke w/ […]

"Text me on my cell phone…"

Warning: This is going to be random, disjointed, and very tangental. I have a ton of stuff on my mind and need to empty it out some. * I really like that A.Sleaze/Beyowulf “Put It It a Love Song” jawn. The beat gets me to stompin’ & actin’ a fool when it comes on. The […]

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