January, 2010

shaba dabba tweet tweet tweet…

I spent Saturday with my BFFL (henceforth referred to as The Biffles). I rarely get to see her because of [personal reasons redacted], but when I do it’s just like we were back in 7th grade. Entirely too much giggling happening betwixt us, okay? HA! The Biffles is quite possibly one of my favorite people […]

"Stop chasin’ them hos, Jesse.."

$5 & a shot of your choice to whomever can correctly identify that quote up there. 😉 Today’s the observance of MLK’s birthday and in honor of it one of my newest twitter peeps posed a very interesting question. I answered and the exchange went as follows: @LiteraryNobody: MLK spoke of racial equality. Do you […]

One is NOT the loneliest number, damnit!

Lately I’ve been real cool on hanging out with a bunch of people. I rang in the New Year with friends, but since then I’ve kinda been just chillin’ on my lonesome. Not for lack of anything to do, but because I WANT TO. A lot of people I know have been taking this as […]

consider my world rocked.

warning: stream of consciousness one of my good friends is haitian. she has a great deal of family and friends on the island still. although her family isn’t in port au price, that leave no relief for all of the [last name redacted] that are here. worrying. waiting. praying. another friend of mine married into […]

I have a crush on Dr. Ian.

Think of today as confession Friday and that subject line is my confession, haha! He comes off as kinda corny on Celebrity Fit Club, but I like corny dudes. At any rate, a few days ago my friend Veep sent me an email about one of our local news affiliates starting a Fit Club. It […]


My friend Lisa and I began a writing project that kicked off on 01/04/10. Both us of are pretty lapsed in our creative writing ventures, so we decided to do something about that. The plan is this: -Each of us made 3 lists (52 people, 52 places, & 52 events)-Each week (on Sunday evening) we […]


First of all, HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRR! I trust that those of you who read this have come through it all blessed and unscathed! 🙂 I was lucky to be able to spend the time w/ some new friends gettin’ DUMB BLASTED. Note to you all: Jager is the devil’s spit. I thought it was Patron, […]

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