May, 2009

My Mother Part Deux

My mother is the most exasperating person I know. She will call me up to complain about every aspect of her life for hours on end. Being the (mostly) good daughter I am, I listen as she runs down countless things that are going wrong. Most I know by rote, but I listen sympathetically with […]

My Mother

I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to share this. I do not have any definitive news. People have been telling me not to claim it. I am a realist though. When things are pointing in a specific direction, more often that not things end up going in that direction. […]

Gat damn you Ofrah!

Alternately titled, “My dumbass would go to KFC during free chicken week. . .” After failed tennis lessons, I decide that I wanna be on some fat ish and get some pizza. So I’m driving home and I see the KFC/Pizza Hut. NOT THINKING, I zipped my happy ass into the parking lot and decided […]

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