February, 2009

Beautifully Young. . .

Today is not my day. I woke up with justenough time to make it to work on time. Then I was seeing double because I missed breffast & had no cash on me to get something from the caf @ work. Now, I’m struggling with a migraine & I have a show to attend (Estelle […]

An open letter to Joshua Scott (JC) Chasez

Whas good Josh, I hope this letter finds you well. I also hope that you do not take offense to me greeting you in such a familiar manner. I know we don’t know each other personally (hell you don’t even know me), but that’s neither here nor there. Let me get the fangirl gushing out […]

This too shall pass: Inspired of India Arie

My body is nice and strongbut my heart is in a million piecesWhen the sun is shining so am Ibut when night falls, so do my tears This morning I woke up in a mood. I was unbearably sad for seemingly no reason. I had no desire to go to work. I just wanted to […]

Officially. . .

To me, this song is perfection. If you’re my friend on Facebook, then you’ll know that I’ve been listening to Tamia all day. I have all of her albums (and random soundtrack songs) on my PC at work, so I’ve been JAMMING ON THE ONE, SON! I swear I do not get why she is […]


Last night, I watched the Grammy’s. I hadn’t planned on it, but I went out to Wheaton and Joey talked me into it. At any rate, imagine my surprise when Ryan Secrest started yammering about Chris Breezy & RobynRihanna both cancelling their appearances last minute because of some altercation that happened after Clive Davis’ Grammy […]

. . .and stuff.

After this session, I think I am done with graduate school for a bit. I can’t fake the funk much longer. Yes, it’s a great opportunity because it’s free and all but, eh. I’ve been halfassing this whole session. I don’t even remember opening the book once to read assigned chapters. Despite not putting forth […]

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