January, 2009

Damn this bathroom floor is cold!

Alternately titled, “Getting my Izzie Stevens on. . .” I’m over here like the above picture of Dr. Isobel Stevens. Picture me lying on that bathroom floor. Except I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dusty rose frock because that color does nothing for me at all. Let’s say the dress is more of a […]

I am NOT Diana King.

Last weekend I went out for the first time since 1972. 🙂 Veep invited me to a coworker’s shindig and I accepted. We were going to the guy’s house for a gathering and then cabbing it to the bar. I wasn’t going to know anyone there but the Veep, AE, & Arielle, so I knew […]


I was blog hopping and I found this. I thought it was sort of interesting, so I decided to do it. The source is at the bottom. 🙂 Are you happy with your blogging? If not, what changes do you want to make? – I am not 100% with it only because I cannot seem […]

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