November, 2008


I always think I spell that word in the title wrong. I promise you I sat here looking at it for about 5 minutes and haven’t bothered to go to to make sure I spelled it right, lol. Anyway this ain’t that, as my aunt says, so I’m moving along. For the past two […]

White boys. . .

Wow, now there’s a politcally correct/sensitive title, if I’ve ever heard it. 🙂 Haha. There was simply no other title that fit this post. I couldn’t come up with anything that was coy or quirky or any other adjective that would apply here. So I called Veep the other day and before she could even […]

Goodbye to Buddy and Hello to Something New.

I’ve started and stopped writing numerous blogs since last week, Monday. The words weren’t coming together quite right. Thank you, Belle. Reading this made me realize that I can’t do this. I cannot get back into this endless cycle of ridiculousness that is Buddy. I should want more. I should think more of myself to […]

I spoke him up.

I had an excellent weekend. My friend Jenny Rae invited me to go on a road trip to Grand Rapids, MI to go to the Kelly & Reba concert on Saturday, so I was kinda excited. It was my last real excursion for the year and I knew that I’d have fun with the group […]

"OMG, this is so pretty! Where’s my camera?!"

I was sitting in the living room this morning when I exclaimed the subject line. I wish I had a better camera because my pics just don’t quite do it justice.

A few words.**

I didn’t work out yesterday. I couldn’t imagine trying to be in Bally’s for an hour with my eyes closed. I feel crappy, but it was for a greater cause. For me, avoiding all election talk was not about doubting that Barack Obama could become the nation’s first Black president. I wasn’t waiting on pins […]

Egg on my face.

So this morning while at the gig, I get an Obama text message from a number that I do not readily recognize. My friend J is known for changing numbers regularly, so I think I may be her, but I ask her via myspace and it’s not her. I call my cousin to see if […]

No title.

I’ve been going back and forth over whether or not to post this. I have been in a semi-well disguised funk for the past week or so. I’ve never had a good self-image. I’ve never thought of myself as pretty, cute, beautiful, attractive, or any of the other synonyms used for aesthetically pleasing people. That’s […]

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