April, 2008

Randomsity before brunch with the ladies. . .

Myself and mi amigas cheetahs (Cheryl and Trina) are doing Drury Lane today. I’m so excited. And also, fat, lol. Annnnnyway, that’s not why I logged in right quick, though. Last night I went with Trina to B***** & F****’s place for F****’s birthday party. There were a few people there from their job as […]

Perfect career alternatives for me. . .

Truck Driver: This one may make you shake your heads, like wtf is she on? It’s in my blood, son! My maternal grandfather was a truck driver and I love driving. Just ask anyone who knows me. I enjoy taking road trips very much. Heck, on my drive back from California I did the lion’s […]

“This here celibacy thaaaannnnnggggg. . .”

Word up to Jill Scott for the inspiration for the post title. If I had not misplaced my Words and Sounds Vol.3: The Real Thing, I would most certainly be playing the hell out of Jill’s “Celibacy Blues”. Baby, have I got them! HAHA! I think my friends are going totally start boycotting phone calls […]

Something that pissed me off. . .

Yes, it’s a real post. I know there hasn’t been many of those in the past few days. I’ve been meaning to sit down and actually write something of substance, but I just can’t lately. Yesterday though, I had a conversation that pissed me off so much that I’m still thinking about it today. This […]

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